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JIM Pick-up is a versatile and efficient product designed to simplify your daily tasks. With its robust construction and powerful engine, it effortlessly handles loads, making it perfect for both commercial and personal use. Whether you need to transport goods or embark on an adventurous road trip, JIM Pick-up offers exceptional performance and reliability. Its spacious interior provides ample legroom and storage space, ensuring comfort and convenience during long drives. Additionally, the advanced safety features of JIM Pick-up guarantee peace of mind on. With its 4-cylinder engine and displacement of 2771, JIM Pick-up delivers impressive power and efficiency. It boasts a maximum output of 114 hp, allowing for smooth acceleration and effortless handling on any terrain. The maximum torque of 280 Nm at 2000 rpm ensures excellent towing capacity and the ability to conquer challenging road conditions. 

The JIM Pick-up’s impressive specifications contribute to its overall performance and versatility. Its gross vehicle weight of 4X2-2615 kg and 4X4-2710 kg ensures a sturdy and durable build, while the wheelbase of 3095 mm provides stability and maneuverability. With overall dimensions of 5305 x 1860 x 1785 (LxWxH), the JIM Pick-up offers ample space for both passengers and cargo, making it a practical.

Technical Information​
Features and Options
Vehicle Interior Details
No. Of Cylinders
Drive Layout
2WD / 4WD
Max Output (Kw/Hp/rpm)
MaxTorque (Nm/rpm)
280 /2000
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)
4X2- 2615 4X4- 2710
Wheelbase (mm)
Overall Dimension (LxWxH)
5305 x1860 x 1785
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Interior Features
Safety Features
Body Type
High definition TFT touch screen / USB charge
Seat belt pretensioner
JMC Jim Pick Up
Power Windows
Available Colors: Gray & White
Power Steering
Child seat buckle
Strong loading capacity
Brakes- Front Disc, Rar Drum, Hydraulic Brakes with ABS + EBD / Mechanical
Double Cabin
Air Conditioned
Audio System- AM/FM Radio & USB
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JMC Philippines offers customizable premium light trucks and commercial vehicles with Euro IV-ready engines. Given the quality of the products, it also has full-service dealerships across the Philippines for after-sales support. 


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